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SaltyMF The Story of Possibly the Greatest Brand of All Time

SaltyMF Enterprises Founders Brad Banyas & Paul Sciandra. The Attitude Wears Well.


SaltyMF Enterprises was founded by two longtime friends and business partners Brad Banyas and Paul Sciandra. The Brand was born at the edge of the ocean with an encounter between Brad and a Salty old beachcomber. The two talked and told their life stories, Brad told the old man, "You are one SaltyMF’r," as he turned and said goodbye, the old man yelled out, "That sure would make a funny t-shirt." They laughed and went on their way. 

SaltyMF is a brand that honors individuality, grit, toughness, and people that love the freedom of simply embracing who they are! Everyone has a story to tell, it may not be perfect nor ideal, but it is Real.  Our logo was chosen to represent independence. The GOAT stands on the foundation of SALTYMF as a reminder to each of us that THE ATTITUDE WEARS WELL.

Our promise is to always value loyalty, friendship, and family! Our business is all about attitude! Our goal is to possibly create the Greatest Brand of All Time.

If you wander upon that Old SaltyMF’r Combing the Beach… Tell him he’s the GOAT and we made a few t-shirts in his Honor. Thank You!


Elder Goats,

Brad & Paul